Name:  Norman Provinsky

Age:  21

Height:  6’3”

Weight:  206 lbs.

Hair:  Light Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Nationality:  Russian

Family:  Unknown.

Powers & Abilities:  Disintegration.

Origin:  As a low level associate of the Negodiaev crime syndicate, Norman Provinsky was trying to earn his way up the ladder to become a bigger earner.  He found his calling in robberies.  When the family split after the murder of Ivan Negodiaev’s wife, Anna, he sided with Ivan’s son, Pavel.  After Pavel’s encounter with Sixkiller that left him as Colder, Norman raised up to one of his most trusted associates.  In failed attempts to kill Sixkiller, Colder’s trust in Provinsky began to waver.  Finally when he could take no more failure, Colder gave Provinsky a choice, Death, Dismemberment, or Curse.  The curse of Colder’s touch caused everything he touched to fall apart.  His car, cell phone, his gun, even the front door of his house, now just like his boss, he was a prisoner of his own curse.  Provinsky used his “power” to make him a more efficient thief.  Over time he has learned to occasionally reassemble broken objects most notable classic cars at his chop shops.  He hasn’t mastered this craft yet but he works on it. He later becomes the leader of The Despicables, a group of bounty hunter turned mercenary bikers that was affiliated with Jericho Sixkiller.  Provensky, who now calls himself Hi-Jinx, is fast becoming a thorn in the side of Sixkiller, and a rising star in Colder’s crime family.

Affiliations:  Negodiaev Outfit, Icebox Society, The Despicables (leader)

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