Name:  Marcus Turnabull (Crash)

Jasper Van Deenon (Throttle)

Ezerkel Davidson (Chain-Gang)

Juan Santos (Slice)

Manual Santos (Banish)

Origin:  The Despicables was the childhood biker gang that the vigilante, Jericho Sixkiller was a part of.  The group used to be one of the most rowdy, hard drinking, and partying gangs around.  When Sixkiller went straight, he left the gang to go to school and pursue law enforcement and the military.  As he formed his own bounty hunting company, Sixkiller would use his comrades as informants and deputies on occasion.  When Sixkiller caught his case and was on the run they even harbored him, until the bounty on his head came up.  1 Million dollars is the price of friendship it seems.  The group isn’t very tactical.  Very messy, very sloppy, and someone always seems to get hurt.  Before the techno path Hi-Jinx took leadership of the faction, the unofficial “leader” if you will was Juan “Slice” Santos, called such because of his scars (self-inflicted) that cover his body.  Slice is a masochist and gets a rush from pain and danger.  Slice’s younger brother Manual “Banish” Santos is never too far away.  He admires his brother’s toughness and is always trying to show off for his brother.  Outside of the gangs’ roadhouse bar, Montezuma’s Revenge, he has been kicked out of almost every establishment serving booze that they have entered.  Marcus Turnabull is another brute that they call Crash.  Crash works construction and is a carpenter by trade.  After he lost his job for shooting his foreman in the hand with a nail gun for cursing at him, he got wasted and tried to drive home.  He made it but he ended up parking in his living room!  After 7 surgeries, 5 titanium plates in his face, one on his arm and countless screws, he uses his face and arm like weapons.  He is completely reckless but hates swearing, he thinks it’s rude.  Ezekiel Von Deenon A.K.A. Chain-Gang is a narrow-minded person.  A member of the Aryan Brotherhood, he is almost as violent as he is racist.  He says the only reason he even tolerates “wetbacks” is because the money is good and he can beat up “niggers” legally.  Jasper Davidson or “Throttle” as the guys call him is the gear head of the bunch.  He is obsessed with speed and is always supping up the gangs’ bikes.  None of them have been able to catch Sixkiller’s bike, The Iron Horse, and he is always trying to steal it and or its top secret motor.  Now bankrolled by Hi-Jinx and kicking part of their Meth Racket up to Colder, they have better weapons, faster bikes and more confidence than ever.

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