Name:  Alastair Blythe

Age:  210 years old

Height:  6’0”

Weight:  173 lbs.

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Nationality:  English

Family:  None

Powers, Abilities, & Weaknesses:  Super strength, healing, and seemingly immortality are all possible through the genius of his various elixirs.  A brilliant alchemist.  Developed his “cold fusion” gauntlets that he uses to create energy from seemingly nowhere.  He can concentrate cold fusion energy into powerful blasts.  His powers vary from one elixir to the other.  He has to ration his amounts as to keep his molecules stable.

Origin:  Alastair Blythe served Dubois loyally until his master’s death.  He is on a quest to revive his old mentor and will not rest until Dubois lives again.  His personal guard is a pair of acolytes named Mame and Martyr.  Both are extremely loyal to their master.  Mame will attack anyone who he sees as a threat to Blythe.  Martyr will put his life on the line at a moment’s notice.  Martyr is Mr. Elixer’s test subject for most of his potions which has made him quite a weapon as well.  Blythe’s main objective is still the agenda of his master, the living ghost Dubois who is trapped inside young Walter Sixkiller Jr.

Affiliation:  Order of Lost Travelers (leader)

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