Name:  Bannion

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes: Sea Green

Nationality:  Unknown

Family: Unknown

Powers & Abilities:  Ability to change into a werewolf, super strength, agility, speed, senses.  Possesses the Alpha Sense powers, but appears to have extra telepathic powers.  No one really knows why he is different but it he is believed to have been born psychic.

Origin:  Bannion’s past is shrouded in mystery.  All that is known is that he may be the last original Golden Moon werewolf left alive.  He is searching for sons and daughters of Lyceon to join his ranks in an outright rebellion against the human race.  He believes that the world rightfully belongs to them.  He hates humans, doesn’t care much for demons and looks at vampires as snobbish ruffians.  His interests in Fenris are well documented.  He claims that he could destroy Fenris whenever he feels but that “we are much too valuable and important to the cause to exterminate.”

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