Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: Black w/ white tips

Eyes: Black, no pupils

Nationality: Demon 2nd class

Family: Unknown

Powers and Abilities:  Enhanced speed and agility.  Ghosting ability.  Poisonous blood.  The wounds he leaves don’t heal on humans.

Origin:  One of Azazel’s deadliest soldiers, The Wound’s past is very dark and mysterious.  All that is known is that his special talent of poison weapons makes him dangerous as well as valuable to his boss.  He is believed to be a suicide of some sort.  Legend has it that he drank a significant amount of poison in a attempt to kill himself, but this death was so violent that he slashed his wrists to die quicker so he would suffer less.  He has been with Azazel for hundreds of years and has proven to be a formidable killer of super naturals.

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