Name:  Vex the Provoker, Provakates, Vexcillianderos

Age:  Unknown (estimated around 6000 years)

Weight:  variable (but appears around 260 lbs. when fed well)

Height:  5’8” (variable)

Hair:  None

Eyes:  Glowing green

Nationality:  Demon Troll, Hate Troll, Grundel


Family:  None


Powers & Abilities:  The monster that is Vex is very complex.  He may look like a skinny drug attic but he has amazing agility and speed.  He can climb walls and ceilings seemingly unnoticed.  He is a watcher that feeds off of the hate and jealousy of humanity.  He constantly enrages and provokes people for energy to feed on.  He is dangerously clever and uses his cunning as one of his best weapons.  He looks like a normal man.  In light the true hideousness of this creature is revealed.  In his true form he grows more hideous and grotesque.  He has great strength and size with his speed and agility.  He also spits acid at his enemies.  Vex, like most trolls, is susceptible to iron.  He’s not a fan of sunlight either.  It blinds him.  There isn’t much limit to his powers.  As anger races on in mankind for him to feed on he will be there feeding and provoking people for more.

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