Name:  Chad Moore

Age:  27

Height:  5’11”

Weight:  190 lbs.

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Blue

Nationality:  Irish

Family:  Wife/Shelly Moore, Daughter/Angela, Daughter/Rene, Son/Christopher Moore, Step-brother/Jak McMannis

Powers & Abilities:  Superhuman calculation, strength, speed, and reflexes.  Damage resistance.  Weaponized hands.

Origin:  While on a routine murder spree, Moore lost control when he ran afoul of the vampire, Karma.  Karma shattered his back and crushed his leg, both of his hands, and neck.  Barely clinging to life he was again rescued by Michael Strong A.K.A. Loverboy.  Strong this time rebuilt his body with galvanized steel.  Using an intricate series of wires and electronic pulses, he was able to reconnect his body and muscle movements to his brain bypassing his destroyed spine.  Fixed with a tiny super-computer located on Moore’s heart, Loverboy is able to update information, communicate, and even kill the heart of his creation if need be.  With a steel framed leg, 2 custom engineered hands that can change shape and rotate 360 degrees, and a partially rebuilt neck that also rotates 180 degrees, he is almost as much of a machine as he is a man.  His reflexes are lightening fast.  His reinforced joints and bones stabilize muscles that have been electronically maximized to near perfection granting him fabulous strength.  His super-computer heart is protected with a plate made from titanium that is bullet resistant.   The electronic pulses sometimes awaken memories from Moore’s past causing him to jerk and twitch with real conscience nightmares thus earning him the name, Twitch.  Now in a metallic peace, Moore is now focused and ready to exact revenge on Karma and anyone that Loverboy sees fit.

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