Red Fang Pack

Some of the best hunters.  Their ability to see both thermal as well as night vision gave them a great advantage over their enemies.  Known for their fighting skills.  Exceptional trackers and loyal to their superiors.  Fought as soldiers in Irish and Scottish army against the British.  Reside in Celtic areas and in Scandinavia.  Rogues and nomads, not much is known of their ways.

Black Tail Pack

The werewolves of legend.   Cast out into the wilderness as peasants they terrorized the towns’ people.  Not as strong as most of the other packs, but were much more sinister.  They killed without mercy and not just for food but for savagery.  Resided in the hills of Germany.  Recognizable by their black tipped tails.  Also known as the Malandanti Pack.

House of Wolfcastle Pack

Werewolf aristocracy.  Descendants of the Black Tail, they purged out all weal and sick offspring and declared themselves superior to all other packs.  Legend has it, that one of the Black Tail clan saved a member of the German royal family when he was thought to be dead in a battle against invading Roman forces.  He offered to grant lands and titles to his new werewolf friend as a reward for saving his life.  And he also wanted to be turned as to help heal his wounds.  Over the years the relationship between the factions’ strengthened with the marriage of Jacob Grun (who was a royal descendant) and a peasant girl with ties to the Black Tail clan.  They reside mostly in Germany but with the royal’s marrying other royals, their blood line is everywhere.

Golden Moon Pack

Origin of the “alpha sense” or “golden gaze”.  Golden Gaze was given by the town’s people.  The members of this pack all have yellow or sunrise colored eyes.  Animals seem almost sedate in their presence.  It made hunting much easier for them.  In the early times they were considered some of the most powerful of all werewolves.  The House of Wolfcastle challenged them and hunted them almost to extinction.  They are the rarest werewolves and their whereabouts are too scattered to pinpoint.

Benadanti Pack

The Benadanti or “Good Doers” were the noble clan with the task of peace keeping and guarding secrets of the clans and their antics.  The patriarch, a man known only as Thiess, is the master of all wolves.  Changed willingly by a rogue witch who fell in love with his constant acts of bravery, he saved his towns people from famine by descending into hell to fight demons that had been stealing crops and livestock.  Thiess recruited some of his friends to help by turning them.  Together they have fought off witches, vampires, demons, and others who threatened the peace of the lycanthropes.

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