Ivan “Cold Stone” Negodiaev rules his crime syndicate with a firm hand.  With operations in Moscow, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Detroit, he has his fingers in plenty of business.  His most lucrative business is in oil.  He owns various oil fields around Russia and a few in California.  He had made a fortune rigging gas pumps up and down the California coast before the government stepped in.  Now he resides in L.A. and Moscow and keeps a low profile.  He talks directly to few people.  Other than his wife, Anna and his daughter, Svetlana, he talks to his underboss Konstantin Kunear, and of course his lawyer, advisor, and son, Pavel.  Konstantin is a quiet man; he respects the wishes of his boss without question.  He is the channel that Ivan uses to administer his orders.  He lacks the charisma of Ivan’s son Pavel “Colder” Negodiaev.  The capos are eclectic but organized.  “Big” Boris Antonov is the outfit’s top earner.  He has focus and ambition.  He runs the oil rigs mostly laundering the money through his strip clubs.  “Diamond Dimitri” Kruchiev as you could expect, hangs in Antwerp and deals in precious stones.  His crew consists of his demolition man and cousin, Gregory Barisukov and his dealer and jewelry guru the lovely, Kate Morinova.  Oleg Davidov is the chief Intel of the outfit.  A former KGB operative, he has a mass network of politicians, reporters, police, businessmen, and various others working with or for him.  His is very important to the outfit because he keeps most of the bucks.  Mikhail Tishkoff works close with civilians and ling with Davidov influences votes and key elections.  He also controls the gambling racquet in Las Vegas.  He and Johan “Johnny Vegas” Putin run a casino called Stalingrad named appropriately for its Soviet theme.  Finally there is Vladimir “the Impailer” Miasnikov.  He is the outfit’s chief enforcer.  He orders up hits like people order pizza.  Along with the Tapikov Bros., Roman, Slava and Igor, and the former gymnast turned hit man “sexy Alexei” Volkov, they are responsible for some the most gruesome murders in history.  As is the custom of the Boss, Ivan Negodiaev, people aren’t just killed.  They are tortured, killed painfully, and then desecrated, with a “family” of around 130 members they are rivaled only by the Italians, and Columbians as the largest and most dangerous organized groups in the world.

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