Names:  Plato Marchester A.K.A. Otterman (otter)

Lars Serenson A.K.A. Blackwing (magpie)

Odin Randorf A.K.A. Elkazar (elk)

Sphen Halonen A.K.A. Boarus (wild boar)

Paulo Cabulara A.K.A. Wildclaw (jaguar)

Origin:  Being a group of random thugs and degenerates from different backgrounds, their rap sheet is long and extensive, true products of the system.  Their leader, Plato Marchester was a kid of privilege.  He never had a want or a need for anything.  He fell into a life of crime out of pure boredom.  Lars Serenson is the cynical, dark cloud of the bunch, obsessed with mysticism and fortune telling.  He believes he is destined for doom and darkness, so he doesn’t care.  Odin Randorf was a tough kid.  His father taught him how to skin bucks and dress animals at age 6.  Now 12 years old, all he wants to do is hunt for trophies.  He is a cowboy and dreams of being an outlaw.  Sphen Halonen has been in and out of the state’s system his whole life.  A big guy who loves to hurt people he is the enforcer of the clique.  He believes because of his Viking heritage that he is the reincarnation of an ancient Viking name “Olaf the White”.  Then there is Paulo Cabulera.  The Brazilian drug dealer grew up in the slums of Rio de Janero, Brazil.  He has great fighting skill.  Trained in capuara and ju-jitsu isn’t his only asset.  He also launders the group’s illegal money through his many drug contacts.  Now under the leadership of the werewolf Fenris, they fight, rob, steal, and even kill for their leader.  Paulo provides Fenris with occasional fixes of heroine as to keep his monster at bay between feedings.  Loyalty to Fenris is now their only real purpose.

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