Name:  Thalia A.K.A. Lillian Miller, Lilith Baker, Andromeda Holt, Ursula McClure.  Most commonly used alias is Lilly Eros.
Age:  Unknown
Weight:  120lbs.
Height:  5’7”
Hair:  Black, but changes frequently
Eyes:  Brown (blank when in full succubus mode)
Nationality:  Unknown
Family:  Unknown

Powers & Abilities:  Flight, Ghosting, Energy Blasts, Suggestion.

Weaknesses:  Lifeforce Hunger

Origin:  Thalia is a succubus demon She invades the dreams of these men until they obsess about her all the time.  She feeds on the lifeforce of both men and women.  This lifeforce is not only the source of her power, but it’s what has kept her young and beautiful for milennia.  She needs to “feed” often to keep her powers strong.  Being alive for so long has given her knowledge of many weapons and fighting styles. 

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