Name: Don Elizondo

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’ 3½ “

Weight: 265 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Nationality: Demon

Family: None

Powers & Abilities:  Demon 2nd class, demon of blasphemy, also a demon of instigation, feeds off curse words, damnation and filth to power his abilities.  Can take a bite out of almost anything and spit it with great force and destructive power.

Origin:  The herald of the High Demon Asmodeus, Taboo has been sent to wage war against the earth and speed along the Cataclysm so that the demons can inherit the planet.  He is London’s chief advisor and second in command.  The Quorum’s existence is his brainchild.  It allows for a sanctuary for other demonic players and a support group against the Temple of Saints.  Although Taboo’s assimilation into the corporate lifestyle he has grown accustomed to, it has taken his eye off his mission. Highly intelligent though impulsive, Taboo could lead and feels that he should lead.  But his master sees things a little different.

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