Name: Pierce Smiley (unknown if this is a real name or a pseudonym)

Age: 2397

Height: 6’1 (human) 10’ (lycan)

Weight: 230 lbs (human) 825 lbs. (lycan)

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Yellowish brown

Nationality:  Claims England as his homeland but his real home is unknown

Family: None

Powers and Abilities:   Silvergrin is a Sabre. As such he possesses the ability to shapeshift into a sabretooth tiger.  Possessing Superhuman strength, agility, and tracking skills.  Both claws and canine teeth are covered in silver and his bite or a well placed claw attack is able to stifle changes in lycans or kill them if it lands a deep enough wound.

Origins:  Believed to be the last Sabre left on the planet.  He is a self-loathing, self-hating lycan that wishes to eradicate all of the other lycans in existence.  His hatred for werewolves especially runs deep as the wolves killed his people centuries ago. He has been keeping this blood feud going in his mind for a long time and has aligned himself with lycanhunters to avenge his kin.  As a lost child at the age of 7, he was found by gypsies and cared for like one of their own family.  While traveling through England, a lone and hungry werewolf attacked there carriage killing most of the gypsy clan.  He and his adoptive brother Carlo managed a getaway while the beast fed on his new parents.  The boys were then discovered by a merchant that took pity on the boys and brought them to safety.  It was then that the boys were made squires to a nobleman and knight by the name of Leo DeRose.  DeRose looked after the boys for a long time.  Around the age of 13 Pierce as he had been named by then, decided to show his brother his secret ability.  Carlo afraid for his life tried to kill his little brother.  After that incident, Carlo wanted nothing to do with young Pierce and eventually deserted him.  Pierce never showed anyone else his power and tried his best to assimilate into normal human society.  Upon his release from his duties he had saved up enough money to start a silversmith store in a small town outside of London, where he shut himself in and became a bitter man.

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