Name: Vanessa Virgo, Virgo.

Age: 2

Height: 5’7 ½ “

Weight: 146 lbs

Hair: Auburn, Brown, Light brown and blonde highlights.

Eyes: Turquoise and Grey

Nationality: Irish, Native American, Greek, Italian, African American, Brazilian.

Family:  None.  Her DNA is made up of, Tiffany Shumaker, Sofia Erasmus, Raquel Mazzolli, Alicia Bride, Tatiana Lacosta

Powers & Abilities: Instinctual Genius in problem solving and reasoning.  Enhanced strength, balance, stamina, speed, flexibility, and agility.  Instant adaptability.  Damage resistance.  Immunity to natural disease and toxins.  Mental instability.

Origin:  Vanessa Virgo has an enhanced genetic makeup that grants her a number of abilities.  Her potential is unknown, and could be without limit.  The down side to her development is her mental stability is out of whack.  A virtual clean slate, and extremely inquisitive, her curiosity clashes with her perception of the world.  Combined with flashbacks from her “mothers”, and her problem solving factor, she sometimes uses unconventional methods to do the most basic of tasks.  She has enhanced adaptability to changes in the climate and environment so that she may function on her own while being loyal to her future husband.  She was made to be both flexible and strong, with the ability to contort with ease and comfort. Her artificial genetic make-up also makes her molecules denser than a normal human.  Her advanced organic nanotechnology, which keeps her from “wearing out” over time, and gives her fantastic almost Kevlar qualities.  This factor combined with her dense molecules slows her aging process almost to a standstill. .

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