Name:  Walter Sixkiller Jr.

Age:  13

Height:  5’3”

Weight:  130 lbs.

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  White

Nationality:  Cherokee and Lakota Indian

Powers & Abilities:  Psycho Telekinesis, Telepathic Communication, Ability to Control and Manifest Inanimate Objects.  Also able to Bind Psychokinetic Energy to form a Force Field.

Origin:  The youngest brother of Jericho Sixkiller, Walter Sixkiller Jr. was kidnapped while trying to find his older brother.  He became an unwilling vessel of evil for a diabolical spirit that was worshiped by a sinister cult led by Alastair Blythe.  Walter struggles to contain the spirit known only as Dubois at bay.  The boy was found and returned to his tribe only to see his condition worsen.  After a Native American exorcism was performed with no visible results, Dubois’ spirit began to impose its will upon the boy.  The strong spiritual and physic bond manifested into unstable powers.  A cure is being sought after by the tribe’s shamans to rid the spirit from Walter’s body.

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