Name: Murmur, Markus Murphy

Age: Unknown

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 174 lbs

Hair: Salt and pepper with white sides, Slicked back.

Eyes: Light Orange

Nationality: Demon 1st Class

Family: None

Powers & Abilities: Limited Shape shifting ability, Telekinetic powers, and transdimentional abilities anywhere evil is present, ability to use his voice for great persuasion and destruction.  Can emit a high pitched sonic shriek that can shatter a man’s skull if aimed and concentrated.

Origin:  Murmur was in the highest choir of angels before his descent from heaven.  As a demon of music he has used his demonic influence in subliminal music and is responsible for moral decline in most music being played.  Although he doesn’t shape shift often, his true form is that of an old, monstrous Vaudevillian performer.   He has been hiding out from the KCC for a long time under the guise of Markus Murphy, music business mogul.

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