Name: Matthew Diego Alijandro Memphis

Age: 23

Height 6’3”

Weight: 230 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Nationality: Egyptian, Spanish

Family:  Father/Duke Memphis, Mother/Carmelita Castile-Memphis, Grandfather/Eduardo Castile, Brother/Hermando Memphis

Powers & Abilities:  Teleportation into light or reflective surfaces.  Increased strength, speed, and acrobatic agility.  Solar Healing.  Energy Beam generation from his eye, chest, and hands.  Expert fencing skill.  Solar nourishment.

Origin:  The distant descendant of Amin Ra II, Matt became joined with Amin Ra when he came into possession of a mystical mirror.  Matt and Amin communicate by reading each other’s thoughts.  Matt can always hear Amin but can also tune him out if he really wants to and vice versa.  Amin was a descent magician but has had time to master his craft while trapped in the mirror zone.  He taught Matt to do the things that he could do.  The combined force of both souls and enhanced powers of the Shabakka stone, the life medallion and the eye of Ra has transformed Matt into a powerful being.  In sunlight Matt’s energy is virtually unlimited. Matt, now known as Shine, possesses incredible abilities. He uses his wrestling and fencing combined with his heightened skill set to demolish his opponents.  He also uses the power of the sun itself to gain the upper hand utilizing his newfound abilities.  His athletic prowess combined with his new light solar powers gives Matt a unique and adaptable fighting style that serves him well.

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