Name:  Michael Strong, Loverboy, Cupid Killer

Age:  36

Height:  5’6” (6’4” as Loverboy)

Weight:  267 lbs. (218 lbs. as Loverboy)

Nationality:  Italian

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Blue

Family:  Mother/Bella Strongilini, Ex-wife/Contessa Strong, Daughter/Casey Strong

Powers & Abilities:  He has strength equal to some of the strongest men in the world.  When enraged his adrenal gland releases 5 times the adrenaline of a normal human and his testosterone levels rise off the charts making him violent and irrational. A genius of chemistry and engineering, he would build contraptions like robotic stuffed animals, ultra-sonic music boxes, retractable heart pendants and other sinister devices.  His weapon of choice is his “Cupid’s Bow” that fires arrows laced with “love gas”, “heartbreak gas”, or spinning arrows that are shaped like red spades that can drill through walls.

Origin:  Michael Strong is a brilliant scientist.  Always the underachiever, he works at a fragrance factory testing perfumes and colognes.  Ravaged by depression over his failed marriage and crumbling personal life, He decided to make a fragrance to make him irresistible to women.  Using himself as a guinea pig, he applied the fragrance to his body.  Over the next few days he noticed a lot of changes.  He seemed to be growing tall and thinning out.  His voice deepened, his muscles became more defined. The short and stout Michael strong had become long, lean, and powerful.

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