Name: Thorton Baskerville Bridges

Age: 29

Height: 6’

Weight: 200

Hair: Shaved

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: African American

Family:  None (all deceased)

Powers & Abilities: Genius IQ

Origin:  As a child Thorton Baskerville Bridges was an exceptional child, with limitless potential for great scholastic achievements.  His unsavory home life derailed the child into a self centered, sociopath, with a broad mean streak.  His mother was drug dealing while his father a local pimp came and went as he pleased.  The local kids in the neighborhood used to tease him about his very white, proper sounding name.   Combined with his genius level IQ, this factor of disrespect and his superb intellect molded him more than anything.  They didn’t laugh long as he started to fight back, and hard.  He developed a reputation as a boy with a nasty temper that made him go too far sometimes.  The older hustlers began to call the boy London, because he sounded like royalty.  They told him that one day he would be king of the streets.  As he came into his own, London fought his way to the become leader of his own gang, literally.  Single handedly he succeeded in combining both the 77th street gang on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and then taking over the 130th street gang in Harlem.  He renamed the gang the 7:30’s because no gang was crazy enough to even attempt the heists that he was trying to pull off.  London and the rest of the gang wear a broken watch that always points to 7:30, because the gang is always on his time.  London’s aspirations for power and for respect will drive him to be the baddest gangster on the planet or kill him in the process.

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