Name: Leonardo Christofer De Rosinni

Age: Over 1000 yrs old

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: English/Italian

Family: None

Powers & Abilities:  Immortality, knowledge of over 1000 years of warfare.  Master tactician and scholar of war.  Master of the broadsword and ancient weaponry including the morning star mace, lance, crossbow, battle ax and many other weapons.

Origin:  Leo DeRose, also known as “The Last Knight” is the most respected member of the Temple of the Saints.  He sipped from the Holy Grail which has given him his everlasting lifespan.  He is the only person who has turned down the position of Scribe in the history of The Exalted.   He stays true to his calling of being a solider of God and of the temple as he saw his skills fit better for combat than for diplomacy. He holds a position in the Exalted as the Sergeant At Arms as well as a seat at the exalted table.  He also is the field general for the Knights of the Crimson Cross.  Despite all of this, his most important job is the keeper of the holy relics, which also include the Holy Grail.  If the chamber is disturbed he will not rest until all is made right, as his commitment to his duties.

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