Name: Simon Swain

Age: 40

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 225 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: British

Family: None (all deceased)

Powers and Abilities:  High level of involuntary intelligence. Ability to see what anyone sees once he has come in contact with them and has a special ability that grants him temporary enhancements in all senses to the point of precognition.  Only happens under extreme stress and lasts for a few minutes.

Origin:  Hailed as one of the finest and arguably the best Fatekeeper to ever pass through the KCC, Simon Swain, aka Hollow, is a walking talking legend in the halls of the Temple.  Born in England and raised by his Grandparents after his mother and father were not fit to be proper parents due to excessive alcohol and drug abuse.  Simon always seemed to have an extreme level of concentration and patience.  A prodigy of almost any acts that involved his hands or math, he mastered the piano, sculpted recreations of art considered masterpieces, and excelled at carpentry working at his Grandfather’s shop.  He could also count cards, which he learned how to do on his own without prior knowledge or prodding by anyone.  When arrested in Monte Carlo for cheating at blackjack, his antics caught the eye of the Temple who noticed the vast potential he possessed.  When he became a Fatekeeper, his demon granted him a form of vision that allowed him to see out of other’s eyes.  This was a low level possession technique.  But the power also increased his already high level of concentration to uncharted levels.  He calls this ability “The Zone” and when he is in the zone, he can seemingly do no wrong.

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