Name: Carl Nicholas Mosley

Age: 29

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: African American

Family:  Brother-Chris Mosley

Powers & Abilities:  Possession of the “Fusion Field” which allows for immunity to explosions, bullets, and most man made weapons.  The field gives him various degrees of striking power when properly focused.  Former Navy S.E.A.L. skilled in special ops weaponry as well as skilled in various hand to hand combat, American Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Tai, and Shodokan Karate.  West Point, MIT graduate.  Working on A business degree at Yale.

Origin:  The younger brother of Chris Mosley, Carl has had big shoes to fill.  He has had to share everything with his brother since the beginning.  They shared the same room, car, girlfriend at some points.  Most bizarre is that they share the same birthday, the same time and date exactly 2 yrs apart.  As they grew up the competition between the two brothers was fierce.  They both had aspirations to join the military as their deceased father Chaz Mosley had done.  They would always keep tabs on one another, trying to out race one another, out lift one another, out learn one another.  After Chris was chosen to become a Knight of the Crimson Cross, Carl had to look for the next edge.  The Quorum, who had been watching Carl, knew that this was their time to seize their chance to even the odds with their rivals.  Carl was tricked into coming into the Quorum’s facilities under the guise of a training exercise and physical.  It was here that he was restrained and injected with the “Envy Serum” designed to not only enhance Carl physically, but to further the divide between him and his brother.  Healthy competition turned into outright hatred.  Now Carl has the edge he had been looking for.

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