Name:  Pavel Ivanovich Negodiaev

Age:  29

Height:  6’6”

Weight:  250 lbs.

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes:  Blue

Nationality:  Russian

Family:  Father/Ivan Negodiaev, Mother/Anna Negodiaev, Sister/Svetlana Negodiaev, Dog, Husky/Kremlin

Powers & Abilities:  The extent of Colder’s power is unknown.  Although what is known is that he is a living, breathing curse.  .  Catastrophic events would unfold or just minor things would occur all from touching his hand or a kiss from his lips.  Trained by his former KGB bodyguards, he is a master of espionage and explosives as well as hand to hand combat.  His methods of interrogation are violent and unforgiving.

Origin:  In a deadly power struggle for Russian mafia supremacy, Colder fled to the United States to regroup and hide out.  His cold and vicious demeanor is matched by his craftiness and almost uncanny ability to stay alive.  At one point he and the outlaw Sixkiller teamed up and ended up in a three way Mexican standoff with police and the Russian mob.  Out of ammunition, desperation caused his next actions.  Now wreaking havoc in the states, he has sworn revenge upon his former crime syndicate and his former comrade Sixkiller, who he blames for his “condition”.

Affiliations:  Negodiaev Outfit (former member).  Icebox Society (leader)


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