Name: Colin Jupiter

Age: 20

Height: 5’8” (variable)

Weight: 155 lbs (variable)

Hair: Sandy Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: American

Family: Mother/Loretta Jupiter, Father/Francis “Frank” Jupiter

Powers and Abilities:  Selection alteration of body density.  Density increase to immobility.  Can increase density to any muscles to increase strength.

Origin:  Nicknamed “The Hollywood Hoodlum” by his peers and the media for his old gangster ties, bad boy behavior, and great acting skills, Colin Jupiter was one of the fastest rising young stars in tinsel town.   After a movie stunt went wrong and left him in the hospital, desperate for a fast recovery.  Colin was approached by Dr. Melvin Michitovich to help out his newly found government benefactors.  The pitch, undergo a new highly potent and risky procedure to fix his broken pelvis, leg and shoulder.  In exchange for his cooperation, Colin would have to use his acting skills to help hunt down, seduce, and capture Virgo.  Based on the nanotechnology used on the original Project Virgo, Colin would undergo changes in his DNA that would allow for his new found abilities.

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