Name: Prince Amin-Ra II

Age: 5010

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 165

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: Egyptian

Family: Father/Pharaoh Amin-Ra I, Mother/Queen Taneferet, Brother/Prince Seb

Powers & Abilities:  Ability to manipulate light and to bend it to his will.  Glow, Blasts, Blinding, Teleportation.

Origin: Born the second son of his majesty Pharaoh Amin- Ra I, Amin Ra II was seemingly always just that; second, second in the eyes of his father and in society.  Luckily this factor didn’t seem to bother ARII much.  He trained in military strategy along with his Brother, Seb.  Seb was more fit to be a field general than ARII.  Amin was more focused on what he believed was his real calling, medicine, philosophy, religion and magic.  ARII was obsessed with the arts of magic.  During his journeys to learn his passions he encountered many different techniques and crafts.  His most influential meeting was at the Temple of Ra with its high priest, Ihmotep.  It was here that ARII learned the bulk of his magic, architecture and medicine After assault on his home palace and the death of his mother at the hands of a drifter, who was later to be revealed as the vampire Cain, he returned back to the palace to support his family.  A fight with Cain at the palace changed the course of history forever, when ARII tried to use a teleportation technique that he learned from Ihmotep.  Cain caught his body in the middle of his teleportation.  Cain’s immense strength combined with the speed of ARII movement destroyed ARII very body and trapped his soul in a mirror where he would remain for thousands of years.

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